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Chapin Elevator is licensed to buy, sell, and store grain with the State of Illlinois. The elevator deals primarily with corn, soybeans, wheat, and oats, and in the recent past the list also included white corn. The elevator has two facilities, one located in Chapin, Illinois and the other in Riggston Illinois; however, the Riggston facility is manned only during harvest.

A large part of the Chapin Elevator grain marketing program is direct grain marketing, where farmers deliver grain to a river terminal and are paid by Chapin Elevator. An advantage of mrketing through Chapin Elevator is the security of dealing with a local firm rather than a large, possibly multi-national conglomerate.


Feed is an intregal part of Chapin Elevator business. The feed mill is used daily to produce custom blended beef, swine, and horse rations. This feed is fed to registered livestock, commercial operations and is used in all phases of reproduction and growth.

Chapin Elevator inventories and sells feed from two major suppliers, Advanced Nutrition and Biozyme Products. Advanced Nutritionis made by ADM and has feed and ingredients for all species of animals. Biozyme is headquartered in St. Joseph, Missouri and deals in ruminant nutrition and minerals to aid rapid animal growth and development.


Seed sales are also a very important part of Chapin Elevator's business. Dekalb seed corn and Asgrow seed beans make up the majority of the elevator seed program. Chapin Elevator also has access to several small seed distributors for your grass, hay, lawn and conservation seeding needs.


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Chapin Farmers Elevator Co.
614 Cooper Street 
Chapin, IL 62628-2026
Phone: (217) 472-5771

Cash purchases, storage, contracts for delayed sales, warehouse receipts
Grain drying and storage. Grain Bank for corn used in feed
Custom blended rations for all species in all stages of growth
Commercial supplements available to meet any animals needs
Pet feed, poultry, rabbit, horse feed always in inventory
Delivery of both bagged and bulk feed
Complete line of most recent Monsanto genetics in com and soybeans
Alfalfa, clovers, grass, and specialty seed (sunflower, wildlife plot, winter forage) readily available
Livestock Equipment including gates, baling wire and twine
Large inventory of nuts, bolt, washers, screws etc.
Electric fence supplies including fencers, insulators, posts, smooth wire